This is what you get if you vote for them

The party of law and order

  • Prime Minister spent his Christmas break with Rebekah Brooks
  • PM’s press officer was arrested for perjury
  • Party Chairman being investigated for theft
  • Party Treasurer resigned due to accusations of fraud

We’re all in it together

  • Cut tax for the richest
  • Cut pensions to fund the tax cut for millionaires
  • Failed to tackle massive tax avoidance by the richest 500 individuals
  • Cut Education Maintenance Allowance for poorest children

Economically sound

  • Turned 2% growth into a double-dip recession
  • Highest rate of business failures in history
  • 25% youth unemployment
  • Failure to enact promised banking reforms

Building a better society

  • Privatised the NHS in spite of massive opposition from 94% of doctors and 97% of the public
  • Closed 50% of youth centres
  • Announced plans to privatise all state schools in their 2nd term
  • Built just 52 “affordable” homes in 2 years, when London alone needs 200,000

The greenest government ever

  • Re-labelled natural gas as a “green fuel” to avoid failure to meet emissions goals
  • Cancelled minumum air quality targets
  • Failed to launch the green investment bank
  • Cancelled national home insulation programme


  • Pastie tax, reversing pastie tax
  • Caravan tax, reversing caravan tax
  • Charity tax cap, reversed charity tax cap
  • Privatised forests, reversed privatised forests


  • Jeremy Hunt in corrupt conversations with the people he’s paid to oversee
  • Peter Cruddas selling access to the PM for £250,000
  • Baroness Warsi fraudulently claiming living expenses 2 years after the expenses scandal was meant to end all that
  • Andy Coulson – say no more

A true meritocracy

  • Britain has the lowest social mobility of any country in the G20, and falling
  • 23 of 29 cabinet ministers are millionaires who inherited their fortune
  • David Cameron is the Queen’s cousin and is married to a Baronet’s daughter
  • George Osborne’s previous work experience was folding towels at Selfridges and entering the names of people who died into an NHS computer

A fairer Britain

  • 62% of government investment is spent in Tory constituencies
  • If you’re born in a Labour constituency you are likely to die 12 years earlier
  • Raised tuition fees by 300% and cut support for poorer students
  • Eton and Harrow still have charitable status, so pay no tax

We have no choice but to make these cuts

  • Our national debt is lower than during 208 of the last 250 years
  • No bank or external authority threatened the UK or demanded cuts – this is all voluntary
  • In the UK we have austerity: our economy is shrinking by 0.3% and our deficit, debts and unemployment are rising
  • In the USA they have stimulus: the economy is growing by 1.75% and they deficit, debts and unemployment are falling